Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finishing the second frame, mounting the radiator and a new frame

1.2 litre -91 Renault clio Radiator. The radiator will be inside the frame. The previous location, inside the nose cone wasn't very good because the radiator is just a little bit too wide. The tube connections on the left side need space, so you need to mount the radiator offset to the left, so our nosecone was pointing a bit to the left instead of being straight. The other benefit is that the radiator is well protected inside the frame.

Fitting the roof tube. We decided to add a diagonal to the roof to protect the driver. Just in case.

Raising the rear of the prop shaft tunnel. We raised it 10cm (4") compared to the previous car. This means we can lower the car to minimum specified ride height (6,5cm or 5.5").

We had made some mistakes when building the frame. Some tubes were wrong compared to the book. We only have work pictures like the one above, nothing of the final connected tubes. I guess while working you don't always have the time to document everything. The "luggage" compartment tubes that we had wrong have also been changed. The series rules are quite specific about that you have to use the book frame to keep every car the same, so no additions or changes to the book tubes can be made.

New frame. Chassis number TT7??FIN (TT standing for my dad's initials). Jari made the frame, and it will quicken the next build quite much. It has a little surface rust because it's been standing outside for quite while.

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