Thursday, December 11, 2008

New jig table, started to build the second car

We've slowly acquired all the parts for our new jig table and now it was finally time to build it.

First stage, the jigtable at the floor waiting for supports on the underside.

Mika measuring.

Legs and supports ready.

Legs up!

Supports for the legs. We found the material in a metal recycling trash bin and it's pretty hard stuff. We could only polish the surface with a drill. The easiest way was to weld holes to it.

The number 1 car on the jig table. From the picture you can see the height of the jig table. It's perfect for welding the frame, but a bit too high when welding the upper tubes for the roll cage.

We went through all the welded joints on the frame, and we found a couple that we had missed. We also plugged all the open tube ends.

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