Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mika came back from the Sema show in the USA with some presents.

Race Technology DL1 with external Lite3 display. Mika decided to get a data logger for his upcoming car and choose the same logger we had in use this summer with a display so he can see his laptimes while driving. Comparing to the old one, it has a different connector at the back and the serial port is moved to the back. The GPS is also a bit more accurate.

Suspension position sensors. Bought them from ebay and I guess these are originally from pneumatic cylinders. They have a motion range of 50mm and weigh a bit more than whats usually used in motorsport, but for the price you can't complain.

We also bought enough rod ends to last for a while. The price is right for imperial rod ends so we decided to change to them from metric size.

Wilwood rear calipers. A nice lightweight package compared to the Volvo 240 series calipers we're currently using.

The cornerscales are shipped by sea, Mika didn't have the space in his bag for them.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Trailer wall, front hub and front caliper

A picture of the trailer wall. It's a structure made from polycarbonate. Two color options available, white and transparent. Heat insulation is of same class as double glass.

We'll be using new parts for the front end.
The hub is machined by Tommis billet in Finland, and they make the front end narrower. Making a narrower hub meant that we don't have as much space for the front caliper as we did earlier, so we needed new ones.
The brake calipers are from Hispec. It took three months to deliver them, even when they promised that they would ship them in two days when I called them. Then it took a couple months to sort out why the calipers costed more than listed in their website. When we got it all sorted out, our first racing season was already over, so we had to buy other brake parts. Good looking parts, but I would probably not buy them again because of the difficulties we had.

We got the dampers of the car sold, and new ones will be according to the newer regulations.