Thursday, August 28, 2008

Se7en days track day at Ahvenisto

I finally got home from the rainy Ahvenisto Race Track

I was working at Ahvenisto yesterday, and I started to wonder what it's about when there suddenly was over 10 lotus seven type cars driving around. I went closer to have a chat with the guys and I found out that they are a bunch of friends from northern Sweden who have come to Finland every year to drive on our race tracks. The day before they had been at Motopark. They also mentioned that they would have the track reserved for the morning next day and that I would be welcome to drive with them.

Some pictures of the event:




Westfield Ford Duratec 2.3


Westfield Yamaha R1


Westfield? Wankel

A couple Finns...

Waiting to get on track while the owner is just taking pictures of other cars...


Westfield, Ford Duratec 2.3, from behind. IRS rear suspension.

Motorcycle engined westfield.

A nice lineup at the pits in Ahvenisto.

Westfield Saab turbo, 330hv.

A picture of Westfields front anti roll bar.

And from a newer westfield. Pushrod actuated anti roll bar, looks pretty same as I have been designing to our cars. The rocker is conveniently installed on the same bolt as the upper a-arm.

Same anti roll bar from another angle. It was very difficult to get a good picture of it.

It was pretty wet on track, and it didn't help that it was my first time driving the car in the wet. Not to mention that it was my third time driving the car. It was surprisingly fun to drive, and I drove more laps that I had driven in total before. The only negative side is that your right armpit gets really wet.

Incar video of all the spins:


A Swedes pictures from when I spun in front of the pits. Thanks to Klas Björkmanille for the pictures.

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