Thursday, August 21, 2008

Preparing for the Ahvenisto Race. Painting and installing data aqcuisition and camera system

We had to do a little fine tuning to the car after the previous race. We fixed the gear shifter and straightened the rear end of the car. Luckily I had a rear wing that I broke at Ahvenisto one year earlier, which was good for a repair part to glue on the broken one. Then the car had to be ofcourse painted.

I also finally got the data logger and camera system installed to the car.

As a data logger we have the Race Tehcnology DL1. At this point we only have power connected to it, so it only uses it's internal sensors. The data that it logs is speed and lap time beacon from GPS information and G-forces at different places of the track. I didn't dare to plug the RPM info to it before reading the manual (I was affraid I would break it). It's installed with velcro on the propshaft tunnel to prevent vibrations from the engine to interfer with the G-Force sensors.

As video recording equipment we have a miniDV camera recording picture from a Sony bullet camera. The bullet camera is mounted with tape to the roll bar and the recorder is mounted inside the car. This should be a waterproof solution, so we can also get video when it rains.

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