Saturday, March 3, 2007

Measuring the center of gravity

This thursday the car felt complete enough to measure where the center of gravity is so we could reduce the guesswork when ordering springs. There's still some components missing, so we replaced them with additional weight. Measuring without the wheels on is probably more accurate than with them because now there isn't a flexible tire that messes with the results, and you don't have to lock the suspension. The weight and location of each suspension was compensated in the calculations. We will do the same measurements when the car is ready. Then also probaby without suspension.

The wrench is instead of the upper waterhose.

The lead weight instead of the fuel tank and exhaust.

The car ready for measurement.

The mandatory "without hands" shot. This was the easier side because the driver wasn't as heavy when lifting the car, so we could afford having one of us taking photos. It's the second measurement and you can see the drivers neck getting tired.

Those who have a roll angle gauge in their car might be interested to know that without tires it will tip over at 60 degrees.

Big thanks to Kalevi, without his help we wouldn't have dared to lift the frame.

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