Sunday, October 26, 2008

Testing the gear indicator, removed the shocks

Testing the gear indicator. The display was very simple to install and all sensors came with it. I wanted to test how long the delay is after each gear change but running the engine at idle didn't give a stable enough signal because the sensor only reads one pulse each revolution. I didn't want to run it at higher revs because I was working alone, I'll have to test it some other time. (Had to come up with a good reason why to stop, it was getting quite cold because I had to keep the garage doors open, the garage had already a bit too much exhaust fumes for my liking and the car ran out of battery).

I got the display from ebay from seller bimbembam and I ordered 3 at the same time. This was the only display that I found for a reasonable price

The mounts of the shocks looked a bit bad. Rebound damping anyone? They had either too much load or then they went bad when we pressed in new steel pieces so we could use smaller bolts according to the rules. Either way, we'll have to come up with something that lasts better in the future.

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