Thursday, April 5, 2007

The day of building the car show stand...

The day when we had to take the Locost to the car show. Luckily we had time until 22:00. There was still loads to do, like the sheet metal covering the propshaft tunnel was made 5 minutes before we left, and the parts were put inside the van to let them dry.

Carbon fibre tape. It looks just like the real deal, even when looked at close. Its made of metallic foil where the carbon look has been pressed in, so it has a 3d effect that makes it look really good.


We painted the exhaust black. The part before the muffler is stainless, so we left a bogeyracing sticker to cover a bit of that part, and when the paint dried we took the sticker off.

Looking good, picture taken at 20:17 at the garage. Takes about 1 hour to drive to the car show.

Finally there. Speed was limited by the front fenders moving a bit, so we had to tape them to the wheels.

When we got the cars inside began the work of applying vinyls on the cars. The beetle also needed a windshield.

"Disassembling" of the vinyls in progress. On the background you can see the air balloons that will be on our stand.

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