Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Historic Grand Race 2007

This was our second race with the car, and the first time for Henrik to drive the car.

Picture from the pits, all locosts in the same row.

Coming in from practice.

Second practice.

And a picture after the qualifying, got a truck ride from the track. I drove off in a corner called "Tarun mutka". The impact was quite hard, breaking both of the righthand front a-arms. The welds of the lower front suspension mounting point were also broken. Also, both righthand side carbon fenders were broken.

Mika went back to our garage to manufacture new a-arms and the rest of us stayed behind to fix the mounting point and trying to find 10mm rod-ends. Having an accident this close to the Saturdays race, meant that there was no way we could get our car repaired to participate.

Ready for Sundays race, all cars lined up in the pits for the race. I had to start from the last place because the grid order is determined by the fastest lap in the Saturdays race.

The race has started. You can see me passing the blue/red Fiat. It was a quite tight pass, and the car oversteered a bit driving over a patch of oil, so I touched the Fiat's side with my left rear fender (my apologies).

Park fermé after the race, I had to retire in middle of the race. Reasons for retirement were that the oil pressure light was set too high, so when it started to light up constantly, I thought it best to stop the race. I probably couldn't have driven for long either, the breather tank was too small so water was coming out of it. It wouldn't have been a problem if the breather tank wouldn't have been just the right size and mounted to the engine, at one point in the rev range the water would start to vibrate and it sprayed out of the breather hole. When testing it after wards in our garage, it had quite a force, and you could get the water spray raise to the ceiling.

After the race I had broken three of our nice looking carbon fenders...

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