Monday, February 5, 2007

First car painted

The team's official photographer got himself so expensive equipment that he can't empty the camera, so I'll have to post some pictures taken with my own :-)

Henrik's car will be baby blue with carbon fenders.

The dashboard is still a work in progress, and the nosecone has a small fault on the other side. Might be that we will have to make a small bulge to the nose cone to fit the radiator. There is two manufacturers for these Renault Clio radiators, and seems like we bought the slightly bigger one.

Moottoritilan peltien sapluunat pitäis kans tehdä piakkoin.

The aluminium for the trunk was made from 1,5mm aluminium, and it required quite a bit of persuasion to get it into form.

Hopefully Henrik will post more pictures very soon!


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