Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where it all began.

Locosts had been in our mind earlier, but the final decision to build one came a bit by surprise. We wanted something that was much more affordable than the Porsche. The suspension modifications we did to the Porsche during the winter 2005/2006 also made it feel like it would make as much sense to make a new car.

The final decision to build one was made under a test in Alastaro. I got a ride in Markku Vehviläinen's Toyota GT powered locost and at the end of the day Mika also got to drive it. Mika just casually asked: "Should we build a locost for the next season?" to which I replied "yeah".

From Mika's Porsche blog, how he felt after his first drive in a locost: "At the end of the evening I got a ride in Markku Vehviläinen's Locost, and I also got to test it myself. Already in the second corner it was clear that I'm in a race car. The Locost didn't at all feel like a typical compromise built racer, very impressive!".

Mika focused on the driving. Markku is fastening the seat belts on the passenger side so they won't flap around in the speed, no one dared to go as a passenger.

Mika on the track.

As engine choices we will have a motorcycle engine in Mika's car, when Henrik is going to drive with a Ford OHC engine.

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